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On-Ramp Program

Introducing our On-Ramp program - a personalised pathway for new members to confidently dive into the dynamic world of CrossFit. Designed to empower beginners, our On-Ramp program offers comprehensive instruction on fundamental CrossFit movements, tailored to individual fitness levels.


Our certified coaches provide hands-on guidance and technique refinement, ensuring a safe and effective transition into our community. With a focus on proper form, functional movements, and gradual progression, our On-Ramp service sets the stage for success, paving the way for you to thrive in every WOD (Workout of the Day) and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

1:1 Personalised Sessions

Individualised sessions to suit your needs. One of our qualified coaches will asses your currently fitness levels and mobility and provide tailored sessions to help you get the most from your workouts

The program is split over three 45 minute sessions - flexible booking to suit your schedule

What to wear

We recommending wearing your normal sports gear - leggings or shorts and a sports top

Flat trainers are generally better than running shoes but wear whatever sports footwear feels good!

CrossFit Fundamentals

Upon completing all three on-ramp sessions, you'll emerge with a comprehensive understanding of CrossFit's fundamental principles and techniques.


This program delves into Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics while offering invaluable insights on effective workout strategies.


Three 45 minute 1:1 sessions with flexible booking to suit your schedule

Everything is tailored to you

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