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12 kilos in 12 weeks challenge


Has your weight yoyo’d for years? ... And gradually crept up and up?


Want to feel a bit more comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear? Want to be faster, more agile and just perform better all-round in the gym?


You are definitely not alone.


After having this conversation with a number of our gym members recently (and many, many times over the years) we have decided to help you get this sorted out with our Summer Shred Program.


12 kilos in 12 weeks. That’s the plan – and it’s a very, very clear plan.


Nathan Huynh

Nutrition Support

Will design your

tailor-made nutrition plan

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Jon Maggs

Project Coordinator

Will support your journey through the community page

You will have a 1:2:1 consultation with our very own Nathan from NLH Fitness.


He will design a calorie deficit diet plan tailor-made for you with a daily protein goal, plus exercises to supplement your CrossFit training.


You will be part of an exclusive WhatsApp group with a max of 19 other people working towards exactly the same goal as you – 12 kilos in 12 weeks.


What’s the cost? A little over £8 for every 1lb you will lose if you hit the 12 kilo goal.


  • Weekly recipes and tips and advice.

  • Weekly weigh in and accountability.

  • Advice on how to choose “good” snacks.

  • How to avoid poor food choices when stressed, tired or when “going out out”.

  • Weekly challenges, videos and more.


Numbers are strictly limited to just 20 members so you get the attention needed to ensure that you hit the goal.

What’s next?

You can sign up now HERE or if you have further questions book a 1:2:1 call with Nathan HERE.

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